Delivering Food for a Healthy & Independent Life


  • “After several years of helping my elderly parents with their day to day needs, things changed very quickly when my father was abruptly struck with dementia. Now, all of a sudden, we found ourselves completely overwhelmed with the demands that my father’s health condition put on our family. We are so grateful to have the Meals on Wheels service in our community, and are very appreciative of all the volunteers who make this program so successful. Thank you Burnaby Meals on Wheels!”

    Brad & Family – Caregivers

  • “I just love everything about Burnaby Meals on Wheels! I have difficulty walking and use a walker, so going to the grocery store is very time consuming. The meals are so good and the volunteers who deliver them to me are just wonderful. ”

    Verona – Burnaby Meals on Wheels Client

  • “Knowing that I may be the only person that my clients see in a given day makes me want to spend an extra few minutes to chat and ask them a few questions. Usually they tell me how grateful they are to have the volunteers take the time to bring them their meals. It’s very rewarding being a volunteer for Burnaby Meals on Wheels.”

    Liz – Meal Delivery Volunteer


Burnaby Meals on Wheels promotes health and independence by providing nutritious, local and affordable food to people who – for physical, mental health, social or economic reasons – are unable to meet their dietary needs.

Thanks to the financial support of the Province of British Columbia’s Community Gaming Grant, Burnaby Meals on Wheels is pleased to provide The Food Access and Connections for Seniors Program. This program ensures that Burnaby Seniors experiencing barriers due to their health and financial hardship can access free meals and free grocery delivery and other needed community services. For more information, call 604-299-5754.

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Burnaby Meals on Wheels provides people who are unable to meet their dietary needs with access to nutritious, local and affordable food. We live this commitment by promoting healthy eating with innovative new programs, using local ingredients and compostable containers, working with local partners to host food skills workshops, supporting community gardens, and providing nutritious meals for homeless outreach programs.